Fundamentals Classes

  • Students take about 7.5 hours of Fundamentals depending on their background
  • Examination mode depends on the lecturer
  • Fundamentals are pass/fail classes, even if a grade is awarded (following a written examination)
Chemical and Biological Engineering Materials Science and Engineering
Chemical Thermodynamics (1.5) Materials and Structure (1.5)
Chemical Reaction Engineering (1.5) Solid State Thermodynamics (0.75)
Fluid Mechanics (1.5) Materials Properties (3)
Particle Technology (3) Polymer Materials (1.5)

Bioreaction and Bioprocess Engineering (1.5)

Electronic Materials (0.75)

Note: The number in brackets corresponds to the approximate number of class hours per week (includes lectures and tutorials)

Basics 1 Classes

  • Basics 1 classes are compulsory for all students
  • Students take about 6 hours of Basics 1 classes per week.
  • The examination in each class is a 90 minute written examination
  • The grades are weighted as 0.75 ECTS on the final transcript
Basics in Biomaterials
Basics in Computational Materials Science and Process Simulation
Basics in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology