Basics 2 Classes

  • Basics 2 classes are compulsory for all students
  • Students take about 6 hours of Basics¬†2 classes per week.
  • The examination in each class is a 90 minute written examination
  • The grades are weighted as 0.75 ECTS on the final transcript
Chemical analysis and structure determination (Basics in Advanced Processes)
Biomaterial Interfaces (Basics in Biomaterials and Bioprocessing)
Nanoscale Surface Characterisation and Structures (Basics in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology)

2nd Semester Focal Subject Classes

  • Students choose two focal subjects - the choice is fixed until the end of the programme
  • Examination in each focal subject is in the form of an oral exam for each lecture apart from one for which the student chooses to write a review article instead.
  • The grades for each focal subject are weighted as 6 ECTS on the final transcript
Advanced Processes Biomaterials and Bioprocessing

Advanced Separation Science (2.25)

Reactors (0.75)

Thin film processing (0.75)

Immobilisation of Cells and Characterisation of Membranes (1.5)

Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering (1.5)

Computational Materials Science and Process Simulation

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Numerical Methods in Materials Science - Atomistic Modelling (1.5)

Numerical Methods in Particle Technology (2.25)

Nanotechnology of Disperse Systems (1.5)

Processing and Functionality of Organic Electronic Devices (0.75)

Advanced High Temperature Alloys (0.75)

Note: The number in brackets corresponds to the approximate number of class hours per week (includes lectures and tutorials)