Former Students

We have asked MAP students what they think about the program, and we hope that the first-hand information will be of use for you.

If you would like to get in contact with one of our former or current students in order to talk to them about the program, please let us know and we will provide you with an email address.

Interview Severin Hofmann

Interview Berkan Öztürk

Interview Prem Kumar Gorle


Representatives from Industry

"The new curriculum Advanced Materials and Processes at the University of Erlangen is at the cutting edge of modern breakthrough technologies. The contributing institutions belong to the leading universities in the field. It provides the unique opportunity to couple products with processes for novel and economical production. We forsee great opportunities for the master students in the industry and welcome the initiative."

Dr. Karsten Keller
Research Manager
Advanced Process Technology
DuPont Engineering Research and Technology, USA


"The graduates of this elite course of studies represent a pre-selection of potential candidates for key functions in research, development and technical marketing. Degussa as market leader in specialty chemicals is very much interested in young professionals which - like our claim says - 'create essentials' in this innovative field. Linking knowledge of the disciplines material science and (bio)chemical engineering will give an indispensible contribution also to our customers' success."

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ulf Plöcker
Senior Vice President Process Technology and Engineering
Degussa AG


"Advanced Materials and Proceses are decisive topics for the European Chemical Industry to succeed in the global competition. Bayer heavily relies on these competencies for the MaterialScience, HealthCare and CropScience Business Groups. The new approach will offer great opportunities to graduates and companies as well."

Dr. Helmut Mothes
Senior Vice President, Head of Process Technology
Bayer Technology Services GmbH