Prem Kumar Gorle (MAP class of 2005)


Prem studied Chemical Engineering in his homeland (India) and joined MAP as one of the first students in 2005 and finished in 2007.

Why did you apply for MAP? MAP the name itself gave me some interesting mix of chemical processes and materials science. Balance between the theory and practical during 2 years course attracted me to apply for MAP. Besides all this, soft skills which helps in making complete professional profile.

Many study programs claim to be interdisciplinary. However, in the end it is often only an alongside studying of different subjects instead of a cooperation. How does MAP stand out from those programs? I don’t put MAP with other courses. It’s a special and very interesting mix where students will have wide knowledge of research areas along with the respective specializations.

“Elite study program”, that sounds like top level on the one hand and like a vast amount of study material on the other hand. Did/do you experience it that way? Please elaborate! Yes and No. I enjoyed the stress and working in small groups. I always had zeal to work and perform the assigned project/work perfectly in a healthy competition in group. In my opinion one should always carefully balance studies and free time and then no one will feel the study material is vast or burden at all.    

What made/makes the program special for you? Would you opt for it again? The complete course was special for me. If I have a chance once again to do the course I would do it again.

What are your plans for the future? / Where are you employed? / Do you do a doctor’s degree? I am currently working in a company called Gebr. Schmid as Process and Development Engineer in the field of Solar cell processing. This is best fit following the interdisciplinary MAP course. I am working on different international projects (like in India, Singapore, China, Taiwan, USA etc.) where I am working in groups every day. The training from the MAP course makes this easy for me.

What is your advice for future MAP-students and prospective students? I suggest take MAP as a base to make your overall personal profile to reach the current market demands.