Best MAP Student Award (Since 2014 renamed "Linn Award")


The MAP Best Student Award provides additional motivation for academic excellence amongst our students. The award is announced at the MAP graduation ceremony in February and is conferred on the third-semester student who has achieved the best grades during the first three semesters. The winner receives a certificate and the opportunity to attend an international congress of their choice. Since February 2014 we are very honored that Linn High Therm GmbH has agreed to sponsor the MAP Best Student Award which has been renamed the "Linn Award".




Past Winners

MAP Class Winner
2007 Christian Schmidt (Germany)
2008 Max Bautzmann (Germany)
2009 Alexandra Grigore (Romania)
2010 Wolfram Nöhring (Germany)
2011 Sayali Zarekar (India)
2012 Muhammad Saad Ali (Pakistan) & Christoph Udo Gertig (Germany)
2013 Cansu Bilgin (Turkey)
2015 Andreas Leber (Germany)
2016 Jannik Dippel (Germany) & Eric Görlitzer (Germany)