Just as any other students MAP students are celebrated and rewarded for their hard work at the end of the MAP program.

Even better: MAP students are allowed to celebrate twice. They can attend the official graduation ceremony of the School of Engineering during which all engineering students who finished the respective semester are honored. It is an event in the Audimax to which the students can bring their parents and friends to celebrate with them.

In addition there is an annual graduation party specifically for our MAP students with good food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Here the students are congratulated by the professors they got to know more or less well during their last two years of study. Also the students get a nice gift to honor their achievements and remind them in their MAP time.

Photo by M. Saad Ali


MAP Graduation Ceremony 2017 – Graduates Well Equipped for Challenging Times

On 10 February 2017, 13 graduates from seven different countries celebrated their graduation of the Elite Master’s Programme “Advanced Materials and Processes” (MAP). Having mastered the challenging and demanding programme - often with excellent performance – they now hold the academic title of “Master of Science with honours”.

MAP chairs Professor Bitzek and Professor Vogel warmly welcomed the graduates, their scientific supervisors as well as their parents and partners. Bitzek highlighted how the MAP graduates with their diverse cultural backgrounds have excelled in the programme and learned to  adopt and to exchange both scientific knowledge and cultural perspectives. In times where populism, nationalism, intolerance and ignorance of facts seem to be rising throughout the world, Bitzek underlines that science thrives on opposing values, i.e. the openness for exchange of ideas and immigration. Accordingly, the MAP programme reflects the importance of cultural exchange and of welcoming others. Bitzek also referred to parallels between science and constitutional democracy. Both are based on careful examination of arguments and counterarguments. Importantly, science shows that an ultimate, subjective truth does not exist and that our perception of the world need to be constantly and critically reflected in the light of careful and objective experiments.

As graduates of Advanced Materials and Processes, the students have acquired important knowledge in key enabling technologies. Implementing this acquired knowledge towards societal challenges will enable others to benefit from the fruit of science and technology. MAP graduates are therefore well equipped for challenging times and it is up to them to show their gained abilities in their future careers.

It has become a tradition that MAP graduates are invited for “their own” graduation ceremony in addition to the ceremony hosted by the Technical Faculty. The event has shown once more how MAP students, lecturers and the programme coordination team have become a “MAP family”.

The MAP graduation ceremony has also turned into a highlight for third semester MAP students since their best student is awarded a prize at this occasion. This year, the MAP chairs had the pleasure to pass the competitive Best MAP Student Award, including a voucher of a total of 500 €, to two students with equally outstanding performance. For the awardees, Jannik Dippel and Eric Sidney Aaron Görlitzer, who both want to become professional scientists, the award is intended to be a career booster. Both students show exceptional engagement not only in their scientific studies but also in taking responsibility within society and in politics.

Photo by Erich Malter