Batch of 2011

  • Solution processed CulnS2 nanocrystals solar cell (Melissa Stahl)
  • Investigation of dislocation activities in Nb2AlC layered carbide using in situ TEM nanomechanical testing (Yoones Kabiri)
  • Ternary Organic solar cells, using lowband gap Polymers and Squaraine Compounds as Sensitizer (Parisa Khoram)
  • Synthesis and Technological Application of Silver Nanowires for Transparent Electrodes (Ahmed Mahmood)
  • Single Crystal Solidification: Heat Transfer Fluid for the Liquid Salt Cooling (LSC) Process (Seyedhossein Miran)
  • Collagen/Zein-Bioactive Silicate Glass Composite Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering (Shiva Naseri)
  • Technical design of the catalyst recycling for the OxFa-processTechnical design of the catalyst recycling for the OxFa-process (Jenny Reichert)
  • Self-organized S- and N-alloyed TiO₂-Nanotubes for the application as electrode material in energy storage devices (Achim Schrödel)
  • Influence of a liquid imidazolium salt on the curing behaviour of an epoxy-novolac based prepreg resin system (Christian Staudigel)
  • Orientation and sheet-thickness dependent mechanical properties of AA1050A produced by Accumulative Roll Bonding (Hao Sun)
  • Surface Spectroscopy of Single Crystal Hydrogen-Terminated Silicon (100) (Peyman Yousefi)
  • Detailed spatially distributed investigation of laminar fluid flow in regular cylinder structures for use as catalyst supports (Sayali Zarekar)

Batch of 2010

  • Upscaling of Organic Solar Cells by Optimization of Printing and Drying conditions using Green Solvents (Abid Shaukat Ali)
  • Simulation based Investigation of the influence of lattice misfit in Nickel and Cobalt based Superalloys in Ni and Co based Super-alloy (Mamun Al-Siraj)
  • Preparation and characterization of new epoxy mica-like nanoclay composites. The effect of aspect ratio and shear stiffness of the nanofiller (Gokhan Bakis)
  • Towards a Finite Element Multiscale Model of the Accumulative Roll Bonding Process (Wolfram Nöhring)
  • Impact and Compression Behaviour of Hybrid Composites - The Role of MWCNTs in Impact Resistance and Damage Tolerance (Zeng Zhe)
  • Processing of nano-sized powders in a stirred media ballmill for tape casting of transparent doped yttria alumina garnets (Moritz Wegener)
  • Progressive Laser micro-welding method for the creation of serial interconnect in OPV modules (Muhammad Umair Bin Younas)

Batch of 2009

  • Current Simulation in Nanowire Percolation Electrodes (Rameez Ahmad)
  • Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of extrusion process (Mostafa Arghavani)
  • Batch foaming behavior of recyclable Styrene Acrylonitryl Copolymer (SACP) in presence of different core-shell particles (Ronak Bahrami)
  • Influence of the core material and finishing options on the shear fatigue properties of sandwich structures (Seyed Amir Fathi)
  • Foam extrusion and characterization of a novel recycable styrene-acrylate copolymer (Pratik Das)
  • Development and characterization of solft matrices for cell encapsulation (Alexandra Grigore)
  • An Investigation on vanadium pentoxide and ytterbium/erbium co-doped molybdenum trioxide buffer layers in organic solar cells (Sena Nusret Guldal)
  • Micromechanical Studies on the Deformation Mechanisms in the Amorphous Alloy Cu36Zr48Ag8Al8 (Fabian Haag)
  • Magnetically Separable Biocatalysts: Fabrication of Magnetic Nanoparticle Functionalized Mesoporous Materials as Enzyme Supports (Siyuan Liu)
  • Engineering transparent conductive and printable composites (Moses Richter)
  • Time-dependent diffusional behavior of carbon atoms in steel and ist influence on mechanical properties (Wei Wang)

Batch of 2008

  • High Pressure Effects on Lipase catalyzed ester synthesis (Deepali Jain)
  • Investigations on novel electron injection layers (EIL) for organic solar cell application (Hyunchul Oh)
  • Numerical Modeling and Experimental Investigation of the Failure of C/C-SiC, Ceramic Matrix Composite (Berkan Öztürk)
  • Development of a hybrid state estimation system for process control of anaerobic wastewater treatment plant implemented in SIMATIC PCS 7 (Anna Rübig)
  • Experimental and Computational Study of Two-phase Flow Hydrodynamics in Micro Channels for Operation of Micro Fuel Cells (Max Bautzmann)
  • Surface Functionalization of MgO nanocubes with silica (Amir Reza Gheisi)
  • 3D Modeling of Fluid Flow in Swelling Material based Absorbent Cores (Sudhanshu Gupta)
  • Nanoindentierungsuntersuchungen von Korngrenzen in Gamma-gehärteten Co-Basis-Superlegierungen (Svitlana Rosen)
  • Correlation of compression- and injection-moulding process parameters to the joining quality of PP.UD sheet laminates to PP-GF (Tobias Joppich)

Batch of 2007

  • Process engineering and optimisation of the solar hybrid sulfur cycle (Anirudh Acharya)
  • Colloidal Synthesis and Characterisation of Symmetrically and Asymmetrically Structured Plasmonic Particles (Huixin Bao)
  • Coating of electron beam melting shaped titanium alloys with microporous carbon (Philip Becker)
  • Effects of residual surface stresses on the bioactivity of bioactive silicate glasses (Vincent Buerger)
  • Cohesive zone modeling of fracture behaviour of hard brittle coatings on soft ductile substrates (Hamad Ur Rehman)
  • Impact of nanoparticle reinforcement on mechanical properties of ultrafine-grained aluminium (Christian Schmidt)
  • Micro structural analysis of thermal barrier coatings (Seema Rani Sen)
  • Fracture Mechanics Characterization of Ceramics - Ceramic Interfaces (Arshad Tahir)
  • Numerical Simulation of Swirling Flow in a Pipe (Haresh Vaidya)

Batch of 2006

  • Investigation of biphasic homogenous catalysis using Ionic Liquids (Rushikesh Apte)
  • Systematical investigation of gas solubilities in ionic liquids with COSMO-RS (Ana Maria Cortes Benitez)
  • Optimization of PTFE-Diaphrams for Oscillation Positive Displacement Pumps using Finite-Element-Methods (FEM) (Thomas Dittmar)
  • Modeling the spatial and temporal distribution of therapeutic agents in tumor tissues (a continuum approach) (Karin Erbertserder)
  • Influence of impurities in PZT-tapes on the sintering behavior of ceramic multilayer actuators (Tobias Kühnlein)
  • Agglomeration Kinetics and Rheology of Inorganic Oxides with Different Polymers and in situ Polymerisation in a Stirred Media Mill (Pui Suan Lam)
  • Particle breakage in the nanometer range (Stefan Romeis)
  • Preparation and Softlithographic Printing of Nano-Sized ITO - Dispersions for the Manufacture of FETs (Nadja Straue)
  • Combination of molecular dynamics simulations and COSMO-RS model to predict partitioning of organic solutes in systems containing biosurfactants (Peyman Yamin)

Batch of 2005

  • Investigations of the microstructural evolution of SnO2-particles during comminution (Patrick Armstrong)
  • Investigation of the influence of Baculovirus infection on insect cell proliferation (Bruno Ceron)
  • Application of macro-porous Silica-gel in the microfluidics (Sucre Cumana)
  • Optimisation of the continious dimerisation of butes in acidic ionic liquids (Sayee Ganesh Gopalakrishnan)
  • Dispersing and Stabilizing Semiconducting Nanoparticles (Prem Kumar Gorle)
  • Influence of grain size on the microextrusion behaviour of metallic materials - experiments and finite element modelling (Severin Hofmann)