MAP-related events


Upcoming Events

 10.02.2017         MAP Graduation Ceremony and Poster Presentation

Past Events

03.02.2017 TechFak Graduation Ceremony
19.01.2017 MAP Excursion (Audi)
15.11.2016 ENB Graduation Ceremony 2016, Munich
19.10.2016 MAP Pizza Party (Freshers meet MAP seniors, alumni and faculty)
17.10.2016 Introductory meeting for all 1st and 3rd Semester Students
04.10. - 14.10.2016 Biology Pre-course in Bayreuth
14.09. - 30.09.2016 Intensive German Language Course   
06.09.2016 Reception of the new MAP-students by the Faculty of Engineering
18.07.2016 Presentation of Results of the Course on Roadmaps in Semiconductor Crystal Growth at Fraunhofer IISB
11.07.2016  MAP Excursion (BMW Munich)
01.07.2016 TechFak Graduation Ceremony
30.05.2016      ENB Forum "Materials Engineering through the Ages: from the Battle of Kadesh to Atomic Scale Materials Design"
22.04.2016 MAP Excursion (Linn High Therm and Fraunhofer UMSICHT)
04.02.2016 MAP Graduation Ceremony and Poster Presentation   
26.01.2016 Open-door at MAP-Office
15.12.2015 MAP-Xmas Party 2015
19.11.2015 ENB Graduation Ceremony 2015, Augsburg - with Corinna Böhm (MAP 2012) as one of two student hosts
15.10.2015 MAP Pizza Party (Freshers meet MAP seniors, alumni and faculty)
12.10.2015 Introductory meeting for all 1st Semester Students
28.09. - 09.10.2015 Biology Pre-course in Bayreuth
08.09. - 29.09.2015 Intensive German Language Course
02.09.2015 Reception of the new MAP-students by the Faculty of Engineering
July ENB Elite Cup 2015
23.06.2015      Meet MAP am Mittag - MAP Information and Poster Presentation for FAU-students (Cauerstr. 4 , Foyer)
15.06.2015 MAP Excursion (ACHEMA)
01.-02.04.2015 1st MAP Spring School on Crystal Growth, organized by Fraunhofer Institute IISB
31.01.2015 ENB Get-together at TU Munich - Meeting of all new Students/members of the ENB
29.01.2015 MAP Board Meeting, MAP Poster Presentation and MAP Graduation Party
17.12.2014 MAP Christmas Party, students contributions are very welcome
13.11.2014 ENB Graduation Ceremony 2014, Staatstheater Nürnberg
15.10.2014 MAP Pizza Party (Freshers meet MAP seniors, alumni and faculty)
02.09.2014 Reception of the new MAP-students by the Faculty of Engineering
12.07.2014 ENB Elite Cup in Augsburg
03.06.2014, 1 pm Meet MAP am Mittag! - MAP Information and Poster Presentation for FAU-students (Cauerstr. 4 , Foyer)
06.04. - 09.04.2014 MAP Excursion (Hannover Fair, VW, Laser Centre)
06.02.2014 MAP Graduation Ceremony 2014 (Best Student Award: LINN AWARD)
02.12.2013 ENB Graduation Ceremony 2013
12.11.2013 Evaluation by Expert Panel appointed by ENB
06.07.2013 ENB Elite-Cup 2013
26.02.2013 MAP Showcase and Graduation Party
17.10.2012 MAP Welcome Party ("Pizza Party")
October 2012 ENB Graduation Ceremony 2012
7.2.2013 MAP Graduation Party
7.7.2012 ENB Elite-Cup 2012
18. - 22.06.2012 Achema
25.5.2012 Field Trip Playmobil
9.2.2012 MAP Graduation Party
14.12.2011 Christmas Party
28.10.2011 ENB Graduation Party
19.10.2011 MAP Welcome Party ("Pizza Party")
10. - 13.07.2011 Field trip to Switzerland
2.7.2011 ENB Elite-Cup 2011
13.04.2011 Field trip to MAN
10.02.2011 MAP Graduation Party
9.12.2010 Christmas Party
20.10.2010 MAP Welcome Party ("Pizza Party")
7.10.2010 ENB Graduation Party
28.-29.06.2010 Field Trip BASF, DLR, Porsche
14.-20.2.2010 AMS Winter School, Hirschegg Kleinwalsertal
4.2.2010 MAP Graduation Party
5.12.2009 ENB Get-Together, Munich
3.12.2009 Advent Season Afternoon
19.11.2009 Field Trip to Fa. Wieland, Ulm
30.10.2009 ENB Graduation Party
21.10.2009 MAP Welcome Party ("Pizza Party")
5.10.-16.10.2009 Biology Precourse in Bayreuth 2009
23.-25.6.2009 Field Trip Bayer, Thyssen, Creavis
12.-14.5.2009 Field Trip to the Achema 2009
7.-8.5.2009 ENB Evaluation, Tutzing
16.-20.3.2009 EAM winter school, Kirchberg, Tyrol, Austria
15. - 21.02.2009 Joint Winter School 2009 MAP-AMS, Hirschegg Kleinwalsertal
10.2.2009 MAP Graduation Party
5.2.2009 Field Trip to Leoni, Roth
31.1.-1.2.2009 Joint Workshop Thurnau
4.11.2008 ENB Graduation Party
3.7.2008 Field Trip to Audi, Ingolstadt
8.5.2008 Field Trip to Fa. Adidas, Werk Scheinfeld
29.2.2008 Special seminar Hilti, “Drilling in reinforced concrete – a scientific and technological challenge for research and development at the Hilti AG.“
Februar 2008 TechFak Graduation Party
7.2.2008 Field Trip to Leoni, Roth
26./27.1.2008 Joint student workshop Oxides (Universität Bayreuth, Fraunhofer ISC Würzburg), MAP Advanced Materials and Processes (Universität Erlangen), Regensberg/Kunreuth
9.1.2008 MAP New Year’s Celebration
22.11.2007 Field Trip to Grammer AG, Amberg
10.07.2007 Field Trip to Fa. Schlenk AG
April 2007 Sailing with Prof. Hartmaier at the Brombachsee
28.3.2007 VBM-Teilnahme
27./28.1.2007 Joint student meeting Oxides (Universität Bayreuth, Fraunhofer ISC Würzburg) Advanced Materials and Processes (Universität Erlangen)
KTB-Geozentrum, Windischeschenbach
12.1.2007 MAP New Year’s Celebration
20./21.10.2006 ENB Member Meeting
19-23.9.2006 First Japanese-South African-German Workshop and Summer School 2006 on High Temperature Alloys, Bad Berneck
15.7.2006 Elite-Cup, Regensburg
26./27.6.2006 Industrial visits to southern Bavaria (“weekend” seminar)
18.05.2006 Field Trip to the Achema
13.– 17.2.2006 MAP - Winter Academy, St. Leonhardt, Pitztal Bilder