Dear Prospective Student,

thank you very much for your interest in the Elite Master’s Programme „Advanced Materials and Processes“ (MAP). In preparation your application to MAP, please read the following pages very carefully.

MAP is an interdisciplinary and international programme, leading to a degree of “Master of Science with honours”. At the heart of the programme is a unique combination of chemical and biological engineering with materials science and engineering, centered on four focal subjects which link these two disciplines at the cutting edge of research and development. It is therefore much more than a programme on advanced materials. By providing students with an excellent education in both materials and processes, MAP is training the next generation of engineers with the skills necessary to design innovative products in the most efficient and sustainable way. Therefore, we wish to welcome students into our programme who are both, highly motivated to acquire advanced knowledge and skills beyond their bachelor’s, and prepared to integrate topics from other engineering disciplines into their studies.

Our search for such interdisciplinarily-minded students also has an impact on our application process. We look for very specific motivation to study our unique interdisciplinary programme in the form of statements in the letter of intent regarding your choice, with justification, to combine the different subjects offered by MAP in your Master's degree. 

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We look forward to receiving your application package.

Kind regards

Your MAP-Office Team