Erlangen is situated in the centre of beautiful Franconia, a region occupying the northern part of the state of Bavaria. It is an prosperous small town with approximately 100,000 residents and is just a short journey by road or rail from the much larger city of Nuremberg. The center of Erlangen is dominated by a large square and a baroque palace (today the home of the university administration). The idyll of the adjacent palace gardens attracts many students and visitors, especially during the warm summer months. Shopping is not only possible on the main street that runs through the city from Rathausplatz to the Burgberg, but also in the modern Arcaden, a large shopping mall.
schloss Erlangen’s major employers are the university with its approx. 35,000 students and 11,000 employees and Siemens which has a large presence in and around Erlangen.
The best ways to get around in Erlangen are by foot or – even more popular – by bike. Erlangen has, as a known eco-town, a well developed bike track network.
You can optionally use public transportation that brings you quickly to all destinations in the greater metropolitan area of Erlangen, Fürth and Nuremberg. The airport at Nuremberg is close to Erlangen city limits and provides a link to German hub airports and other european destinations.