Admittance to FAU Erlangen does not automatically include the place to live. If required future students need to find a room or apartment in a university dormitory (managed by student services) or on the private residential market independently. There is also a special room allocation by student services for foreign MAP students.
Do not hesitate to contact the MAP office if you have questions or trouble.

wohnheimThere are no dormitories on the campus of the School of Engineering but all dormitories in Erlangen are close and can easily be reached on foot, by bike or with public transport.
The dormitory rooms and apartments are furnished (bed, cupboard, shelf, desk, chair, and lamp) and have sometimes an own bathroom and cooking facilities – depending on the price class. In most cases, however, bathroom and kitchen are shared with other students on the same hall or same floor respectively.
Bed linen (duvet and pillow with cover and sheets) are NOT provided, you will have to bring them.
Prices for dormitory rooms range between 150 and 300 Euros per month. The rent is due on the first day of the month you move in. Afterwards it has to be transferred to every first of month as well. Current is excluded and has to be paid for separately (additional 25 Euros per month).
When accepting the room offer a deposit of 125 to 400 Euros is due. This amount is a one-time payment to student services and is refunded by the end of your stay if the room has been left in proper condition.

You will find further information about the dormitories as well as the respective forms as download on the website of student services.

Those of you who rather look for a flat on the private market should try the resident adds of the regional newspapers and their websites, such as (Website of the “Nürnberger Nachrichten / Zeitung”). The black boards of the university are a good option as well.
It is important for you to know that flats that are offered on the private residential market are normally unfurnished. If you wish to rent a furnished flat you need to ask for this explicitly.

You should also keep in mind that Erlangen is not only a university town but also the location of large companies like Siemens and Areva. In other words, rents in Erlangen are relatively high and the private market often exhausted.