Proof of a suitable health insurance is one requirement to get enrolled in a German university. German students are often covered by their parents’ insurance or have a student health insurance that cost about 90 Euros per month depending on the insurance company.

European students who have contracted insurance in their home country have to have their insurance’s suitability checked by a German insurance company.

Students from non-EU countries have to contract insurance as soon as they are in Germany. We discourage you to get international health insurance in your home country since its acceptance in Germany is often rather limited.

Private Health Insurance

If you have private health insurance you need to show an appropriate confirmation at a public insurance company and get a so-called “Befreiung von der gesetzlichen Krankenversicherungspflicht“ (saying that you do not need a compulsory insurance). Show this confirmation instead of a health insurance confirmation when you get enrolled.

Liability Insurance

A private liability insurance is not mandatory but very recommendable. It costs only 75 Euros per year and covers all claims for unintended damages that you might cause other people or their property.
For example, even a minor bicycle accident with a few bruises caused by you could cost over a thousand Euros in damages to the other person.