Many people who want to enter Germany from a non-EU country need a visa for their stay. You can check the website of the Federal Foreign Office if this applies to you.

Since issuing the visa takes normally quite long (up to four months) you should apply for it at the German embassy or the consulate in your home country as early as possible.
If you are admitted to our elite programme we will inform the responsible German representative in your country that you will apply for a visa shortly.
Please make sure to apply for a student visa. A tourist visa is NOT sufficient since it cannot be changed to a residence permit for students in Germany.

Additionally you can download the visa application form (available in different languages) that you need for an application at the German agency in your home country on the website of the Federal Foreign Office. Please choose “Visa application form for a long-term stay”.

The visa is issued for three months in your home country. After your arrival in Germany your visa will be extended by the local Office for Foreign Affairs. For the extension you need the following documents:

  • Proof that you are registered at the residents registration office (town hall)
  • Confirmation of enrollment at the university
  • Passport
  • Biometric photograph
  • Filled in form "Application for Residence Permit" that is available at the residents registration office (town hall) of the town

Furthermore you need to provide evidence that you are able to finance your stay in Germany. The Office for Foreign Affairs demands a certificate from your bank that you have deposited a certain amount of money (8040 Euro) on a blocked account or that you possess an adequate scholarship or that you have a formal guarentee of finances from a relative or friend.